The NGF System and its interplay with endocannabinoid signalling, from peripheral sensory terminals to the brain: new targets for the development of next generation drugs for neuropathic pain Deliverable name WP no. Nature Dissemination level Delivery date
D8.1 Measure of NGF, proNGF and EC in human samples 8 R PU M36
D8.2 Association between NP and the TrkA rs145023447 human SNP 8 R PU M36
D8.5.1 Analysis of SNPs of the CB1R, TRPV1 and NGF in NP patients 8 R PU M36
D9.1 Submission package 1 Trial entitled: Arandomised, double blind, placebocontrolled, single ascending dose, Phase I study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of Levicept in patients with pain attributed to osteoarthritis of the knee 9 R CO M1
D9.2 Submission package 2 Trial entitled: Paincage sub-study: exploring the role of genetic polymorphisms of NGF and of the endocannabinoid system in pain associated with Multiple Sclerosis 9 R CO M1
D9.3 Submission package 3 Trial entitled: Paincage sub-study: exploring the role of genetic polymorphisms of TrkA in neuropathic pain 9 R CO M1
D9.4 Ethical approval and training certificates of the staff involved in animal experiments 9 R CO M1
D9.5 Public website dedicated to the Scientific Community and to non specialists 9 O CO M9
D9.6 Plan for using and disseminating knowledge (download pdf) 9 R PU M9
D9.7 Report on raising public participation and awareness 9 R PU M36
D9.8 Report on Security measures adopted during the project (download pdf) 9 R PU M9
D9.9 Report on the status of the posting of results of each observational clinical trial to the trial registry 9 R CO M36

R = Report; P = Prototype; O = Other; PU = Public; CO = Confidential, only for member of the Consortium (Including the Commission Services)

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