The NGF System and its interplay with endocannabinoid signalling, from peripheral sensory terminals to the brain: new targets for the development of next generation drugs for neuropathic pain

The Steering Committee consists of the Coordinator and the Work Package Leaders and it is Chaired by the coordinator. It is the supervisory body for the execution of the Project which shall report to and be accountable to the General Assembly.


Antonino Cattaneo, SNS Chair
Mara D’Onofrio, EBRI
Anders Nykjaer, AU
Tibor Harkany, MUW
Simon Westbrook, LEVICEPT
Annalisa Pastore, KCL
Juan Carlos Arevalo, USAL
Anna Moles, GENOMNIA


  • prepare the meetings, propose decisions and prepare the agenda of the General Assembly according to Section
  • monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the Project
  • initiate, coordinate and have organised the Work Package(s)
  • support the Coordinator in preparing meetings with the European Commission and in preparing related data and deliverables
  • prepare the content and timing of press releases and joint publications by the Consortium or proposed by the European Commission in respect of the procedures of the Grant Agreement Article II 30.3